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The Urban Assembly Unison School's curriculum emphasizes critical thinking across all classes and a comprehensive approach to building a supportive environment across our school. We know that when students are engaged in thought-provoking and rigorous tasks, specifically those relevant to their lives, they leave Unison prepared for success in High School, College, Careers, and beyond. 

Math Formulas


Our Mathematics courses emphasize deep learning about the essential math concepts in all three grade levels Curriculums are mapped to build upon the understandings from the previous grade and lessons are planned to be engaging, relevant, and provide opportunities for student voice and choice. Our students engage in real-world problem solving and regularly receive feedback to support their personal reflection about their strengths and areas of growth in math. 

Vintage Map Transparency

Social Studies

At Unison, the Social Studies curriculum uses engaging and innovative educational resources. Our curriculum empowers students to understand the relationship between history and current issues while developing the analytical skills to become thoughtful global citizens.  We believe that social studies has the potential to prepare our students for college, careers, and civic life with an emphasis on civic engagement and activism.  Inquiry is at the heart of our curriculum, we use questions to spark curiosity in order to guide instruction, deepen investigations, and apply knowledge and ideas to real world events to become active engaged citizens in the 21st century. 


Science courses at Unison are designed to be student-led and inquiry based. Our students are presented with real-world problems designed to challenge their current understandings to make way for them to construct deeper understandings of science concepts that will serve as their foundation for their future STEM experiences in high school, college and beyond. We believe that meaningful STEM learning happens when students are in the driver's seat of their learning - our students are asking questions, testing ideas and collaborating with one another to creatively figure out solutions and make meaning. We use Amplify Science as the basis of our curriculum to ensure students are meeting grade-appropriate Science standards as outlined by NGSS. 

Science Class

English Language Arts

At Unison, the ELA curriculum focuses on reading and writing in many forms that connect to real life audiences and contexts.  In an ELA class, students read, discuss and write every day.  An ELA student at Unison will choose texts based on their interest, learn about topics of their interest, and study authors from around the world to develop their writing skills.  We believe that reading and writing are powerful ways to become active and engaged citizens.  

Reading a Book
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