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Advisory is an opportunity for students to build strong and supportive relationships with a small group of 10-14 students and one teacher. It is the time of the day where students receive explicit SEL instruction. It is also a space for students to practice the skills that they will need to be successful adults. Some of the skills that students learn and practice are things like: how to communicate effectively, how to collaborate with others, how to advocate for themselves, how to identify their emotions, and much more.

Advisory is a cornerstone at our school and an important mechanism used to help create a supportive environment at Unison.


The advisor and family relationship is extremely important at Unison. In addition to the Parent Coordinator, the advisor is the person that families speak to most often. Advisors call families bi-weekly to give updates about student’s academic progress, SEL progress, and to share updates and upcoming events. For students, the advisor becomes a trusted adult in the building that they can go to for support.


In conjunction with The Urban Assembly and Fordham University, The Unison School is a part of the Resilient Scholars Program. As a result of this partnership, we are provided with SEL curriculum, assessment, and teacher professional development. School Connect and Rethink Ed are the two curriculums that are used for direct instruction of SEL skills. The Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA) and our school created values reflection are used to assess SEL progress . Additionally, Restorative Practice Circles are used to help build community amongst the students and advisor. 

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