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The Unison student leaves our school with a deeply developed understanding of self, a broad sense of the world, deep conceptual understandings in STEAM and Humanities, and the ability to be active agents in their own lives and communities.

Unison CARES deeply about each and every child and seeks to provide individualized support for all students so that every child’s potential is unleashed.  Unison CARES deeply about the families and the communities that our students are a part of and considers itself to be of service to all three.

Unison CARES deeply about social justice, seeing public education as an opportunity to prepare youth to be thoughtful and actively engaged in bettering society.

Unison CARES deeply about equity and interrupting our society’s various inequities. Unison works to build an environment and a curriculum that tackles injustice, gives students access to the critical thinking skills necessary to identify injustices, and provides access to the communication skills necessary to advocate for themselves, their communities and for our society at large.

Unison CARES deeply about providing each and every student the dignity and respect they deserve.

Unison CARES deeply about the truth and providing our students access to curriculum that reflects truth and that reflects our students’ identities (for example - their race, culture, gender, gender expression).

Unison CARES deeply about providing our students the opportunity to engage in learning that is enriched, relevant and based in the real world (for example - building and maintaining our own Hydroponics Greenhouse to grow vegetables that get served at lunch).

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