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Principal Emily's Statement on Respect For All to the Unison Community


By: London Henegan-Anderson

8th Grader (Class of 2021) @ Unison and Principal's Advisory Committee Member


Right now, we are living in a time, unlike any other time we´ve lived in before. A time where equality and respect for all matters more than ever before, here at Unison we are working hard every day to make sure that we are doing our part to contribute to respect for all.


If you´re wondering what respect for all means to us at Unison, respect for all means that all students feel safe to be who they are. We make sure everyone feels appreciated, valued, listened to, and welcome here at Unison. Everyone at Unison is considered family. We know that we all may have different identities such as race, color, ethnicity, religion, disability, and gender identity, but we do not let that change any person's worth at Unison. We welcome all people that come to attend here and their families.


Here at Unison, we try our best to incorporate respect for all into our everyday lives during school. Unlike most middle schools we do a 30-45 minute advisory to check in with each other and talk about current events and other fun things we do. In my advisory class, we do a national day which is where our advisor finds a funny or interesting thing that we may have not known about. We also do mood check in´s and share why we feel that way. When we come back from breaks or just the weekend we share about what we did. In our school we try our best to incorporate affirming everyone´s pronouns, this is important because once in advisory I had to correct a guest that joined our advisory because they accidentally called one of my classmates just by going off of her name. By showing the importance of affirming everyone’s pronouns this is how we work towards respect for all.


Unison is an anti-racism pro respect for all school. We appreciate everyone at Unison that is proud to be themselves and not worried or afraid of being themselves and speaking their mind. We as a family at Unison are dedicated to maintaining an environment where everyone can comfortably express themselves. All newcomers that are interested in coming to Unison and being a part of our family we hope that you can help contribute to us being an anti-racist and pro respect for all school.

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