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An Introduction to Unison from
Our Trailblazers!

Questions about admissions or want to know more about joining our school? Email us at:

“The Urban Assembly Unison School is very nice. They get right into business. The staff and Ms. Emily makes you feel comfortable. I’m so glad that I picked this Middle School for my daughter. Come and join Unison, you will fall in love with it also.”

Stephanie McKay, Parent, formerly of P.S. 46


"Our family chose Unison because we could feel the happiness, dedication, and love inside the building. The children's mental, emotional, and social health comes first. The school truly takes the time to get to know each student while helping them know, understand, and love themselves - a necessary foundation for being a successful student and a successful human!"

Courtney Vishawadia, Parent, formerly P.S. 11


"Unison is a very special place. It’s not just a middle school, it’s a community. Our family toured many schools in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and Unison stood out above all. 

There is an openness and energy, and a genuine enthusiasm about learning that you feel from everyone at Unison. The teachers and staff are the kind of role models you want for your kids. They are so tuned in and so committed. It’s very common to get calls and emails from teachers and staff “just checking in.” It's amazing!

Principal Emily is a champion for each and every one of the students. She cares so much about the students and their education and progress as young adults.

During Covid, the school’s communications, instruction and focus has been very clear and organized — which takes away a huge amount of stress! The staff has been so incredibly helpful. They go above and beyond to help students (and parents) adjust to the new ways of learning. I am so happy to be the parent of a Unison student!"

Sakura Amend, Parent, formerly P.S. 9

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