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Emily at ribbon cutting

Principal Emily Paige

I am honored to be the principal of The Urban Assembly Unison School, where everyone has a seat at the table.  This school is one of the most special middle schools in New York City. We are honored to be an unscreened middle school in District 13 that serves and affirms students that reflect the beautiful and vast diversity of Brooklyn.   


We are a small and student-focused family.  All adults know the names of all our students.  Our children come in the morning smiling and leave in the afternoon smiling.  Through all the natural trials and tribulations of middle school, our students have the opportunity to strengthen relationships with one another and with staff, learn the important life skills necessary to be strong and confident citizens as well as the important academic knowledge, skills, and practices that will carry them through their educational experiences and into their lives. 


We are a staff that plans and adjusts our curriculum to emphasize critical thinking, inquiry, student-intentionality and student communication about thinking.  

We also believe that our students benefit from enriched programming throughout their middle school experience!  Through hands-on, problem-based Career and Technology Exploration Programs (CTEPs) like Hydroponics, Computer Coding, Computer Programming, Performing Arts, and Engineering, our students begin to apply their knowledge, skills, and practices while still in middle school.  We have state-of-the-art Career and Technology Exploration Program Labs that include a real Hydroponic Farm and a soon-to-be-built all-season Hydroponics Greenhouse.  We have a brand new technology lab with a 3-D printer for prototyping as well as Coding and Programming software.  

Unison is a unique, warm, inviting, safe and engaging school that focuses all of its resources and passion on its students.  Every staff member at Unison truly CARES about supporting the development of future citizens and leaders.  


Best Regards, 


Emily Paige 

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