Career and Technical Exploration Programs

First of its kind! UA Unison has built into its middle school curriculum the Career and Technical Exploration Program (CTEP). These learning pathways prepare students to access a wide range of high-wage and high-demand 21st century careers in urban farming, technology and coding, performing arts, and design and construction. Students access the CTEP experience by participating in specialized labs that offer students project-based learning opportunities designed to be cognitively demanding. Unison is committed to delivering exceptional, high-quality CTEPs. All students experience an introductory course to each pathway, and later pick an area of focus.

Urban Agriculture & Hydroponics

Unison partners with Teens for Food Justice (TfFJ) to provide our Hydroponic Career and Technical Experience Program! TfFJ trains youth to become urban farmers: building and maintaining indoor hydroponic farms that yield more than 20,000 pounds of fresh produce annually!

Unison and TfFJ are excited to continue their partnership! Together, with help from a generous grant, we are opening a hydroponic greenhouse in 2020!

We’re very excited about the pathways that we’re developing!

Keep an eye out for more information about our Coding, Physical Computing, Digital Art and Design, Performing Arts and other CTEP Pathways!