Career and Technical Exploration Programs

First of its kind!

UA Unison has built into its middle school curriculum the Career and Technical Exploration Program (CTEP). These learning pathways prepare students to access a wide range of high-wage and high-demand 21st-century careers in urban farming, technology and coding, performing arts, and design and construction.

The Urban Assembly Unison School embraces a Career and Technology Exploration Programs model (CTEPs), co-created in partnership with the Urban Assembly as part of their focus on career readiness for students in grades 6-12. Under the CTEP model, every student at Unison participates in a robust career exploration unit that helps them identify their values, skills, and interests, and then connects those interests to in-demand careers and sectors. Students will experience in career pathways that are offered throughout the year, from urban farming and sustainability in the school’s hydroponics lab, to digital design and animation, coding, and web development, and robotics and 3-D design.



Unison partners with Teens for Food Justice (TFFJ) to provide our Hydroponics and Urban Agriculture CTEP programming!

TFFJ works in schools to train youth to become urban farmers who build and maintain indoor hydroponic farms that yield more than 100 lbs. of fresh produce per month at each location. Unison's young urban farmers experience the rewards of building a meaningful, working solution to food insecurity in their communities. In the process, they transform their relationship to the food they eat, while developing the science and technology skills needed in a new green sector economy.

Read more about TFFJ here: 

UA Unison School Snapshot: Why We're Here

UA Unison School Snapshot: Why We're Here

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Elected Officials Provide Critical Support for TFFJ in Building New Farms in Brooklyn

Elected Officials Provide Critical Support for TFFJ in Building New Farms in Brooklyn

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The Urban Assembly Unison School was selected as a 2019 winner of Heart of America’s Maker Lab Makeover grant to redesign and recreate a STEM Lab in the school. On June 5th, 2019, 100 corporate volunteers in "extreme makeover school edition-style" came to Unison to paint, create murals, and set up new furniture and tech equipment in the new state-of-the-art maker lab. 


A national operating foundation, Heart of America works with schools to develop public/private partnerships and generate large school-based renovation projects such as libraries, computer labs, athletic fields, community spaces, and even school-wide renovations. The Heart of America Makeover Lab grant provides funding for schools to recreate spaces so that students can grow and be nourished in their learning spaces. 

In 2020, Unison wrote a grant for funding from Borough President Adams office to flesh out our Maker Lab to share with PS56. This is a testament to our strong campus partnership!  We were awarded $250,000 for the Maker Space.  



We are very excited to announce that we have won a grant and are now partners with Project STEM and Amazon Future Engineers to bring Middle School Computer Science to Unison Students!

The Amazon Future Engineer program is aimed at increasing access to computer science education for children and young adults from underserved and underrepresented communities. Project STEM is a nonprofit organization focused on advancing equity in computer science and STEM education through programs that help students engage, learn, build confidence, and persist in these fields. Through this partnership with Amazon Future Engineers and Project STEM, all Unison students will participate in a three-year sequential computer science course where they will learn MyCS Scratch, Artificial Intelligence from MIT, and Python Programming. We are very excited about our future STEM Trailblazers!

Keep an eye on this page as we continue to develop our CTEPS!