Careers @ UA Unison


UA Unison's innovative programs and one of a kind career and technological exploration programs offers an array of positions in a broad range of academic and support areas. We are looking for interested candidates who are looking to join a team of teachers who identify as innovators and researchers.  


We want to bring teachers into our team who will work hard, who will be committed to, understand, respect and appreciate our students, who will understand that to be a great teacher means going far beyond the 8:20 - 2:40 day and who are ready to be collaborative team members.  

Every teacher, administrator, and staff member at UA Unison has one goal and passion: helping our students reach their full potential and preparing them to lead and succeed in an increasingly complex and changing world. Our team-oriented, dynamic, innovative, collaborative education environment situated in Brooklyn is seeking talented, self-motivated professionals who are interested in growing professionally and are committed to educating our country's future. As an educator in the New York City Department of Education, you will be offered competitive salaries, benefits, quality professional development opportunities and more! 

Want to join our team?


We are anticipating the following openings for 2021 - 2022:

  • Educator of a language other than English, and ENL (ESOL Certified)

  • Educator of the Arts, with a focus on MakerSpace and Technology

  • Special Education (we offer SETTS, ICT, and SC at Unison)

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Tel: (718) 399 - 1061

170 Gates Avenue

Third Floor

Brooklyn NY 11238